Honey House Mihovi

Honey House Mihovi is situated in the lovely countryside village of Prilep. It is just 45 km north of Varna, 30 km southeast of the town of Dobrich and 15 km of the Albena Resort Complex. The village is unique with its landscape – a mountain situated beneath the plateau of Dobrudzha, a very beautiful and quiet place.

Here everyone can taste the magical bee products produced by beekeepers Mihovi. Our guest can enjoy the incredible taste of hand-made sweets, made by honey and tahini; try a honey bar, a honey brandy and a high-energy cocktail of honey, pollen and a fresh citrus

While tasting the unique natural products, you can watch a documentary about bees’ life and work of the apiary.

Here the visitors will learn interesting facts about beekeeping from ancient time to today.

Nedyalka Mihova personally explains about the bees and their unique rules, order and organization that have the value of biblical postulates. You will learn about the curative and high-nutritive qualities of all bee products – honey, pollen, propolis, honey milk, homogenate drone-brood.

In Honey House Mihovi different types of bee houses are presented – stone caves, stumps and hollows, a clay bee hive used in Egypt and Israel and a skep, typical for our region. There is also an active apiary with attractive bee houses in diverse forms.

The demonstrative beehive with glass walls shows the live of bees inside the hive. It offers the opportunity to see how the bee workers bring in pollen and nectar, ventilate and build the wax cells of their honeycomb. The male presence (drones) can also be seen in the hive.

The active skep brings a special atmosphere into the small apiary of Honey House Mihovi.

The solar wax melter collects the sun rays and converts the old honeycombs in purified “golden” wax.

We have also a display stand in the Honey House where visitors can see and buy our bee products.